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Cashews Malai Petal Dragees, Handmade in India, 0% Added Flavours (Pack Of 2)

Cashews Malai Petal Dragees, Handmade in India, 0% Added Flavours (Pack Of 2)

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Crunchy California Cashews smothered in a rich, original flavours. Each pop is an explosion of flavour, a delightful dance of smooth sweetness and nutty crunch. Forget boring candy bars – these Handcrafted Draggies are the real deal, made with love and the finest ingredients. 

  • Handmade happiness: Forget mass-produced meh! We hand-coat each draggie in small batches, so you taste the care in every bite.

  • Sweet chocolate dreams: We use 60% chocolate, the kind that satisfies without being sickly sweet. It’s a chocoholic’s dream come true!

  • Blasting Crunch: Packed with roasted crunchy cashews, these draggies are a party in your mouth. Crunchy, nutty, and perfectly paired with the dark chocolate.

  • No nasties, just goodness: We keep things simple and natural, no artificial flavors or preservatives here. Just pure, wholesome ingredients you can feel good about.

  • Gift like a boss: These beauties come in a fancy jar, perfect for surprising your loved ones (or treating yourself!).

  • Travel-ready treats: Pop a jar in your bag for an instant pick-me-up on the go. They’re the ultimate travel companion for sweet escapes.

  • Support small, go local: By choosing our draggies, you’re not just treating yourself, you’re helping passionate Indian artisans thrive. Feel good, taste good!

  • Eco-conscious indulgence: We care about the planet, so our packaging is recycled and recyclable. Snack happy, planet happy!

  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep the pack tightly sealed.

  • Diet Type: Vegetarian

  • Shelf Life: 9 Months

  • Container Type: Jar


IngredientFunctionMay Contain Allergens
Roasted CashewsMain Ingredient, Provides Crunch and ProteinTree Nuts
Hydrogenated Palm Kernel OilFat, Binds IngredientsNone
Cocoa SolidsChocolate FlavorNone
Emulsifier (INS 322)Combines IngredientsSoy
SaltEnhances FlavorNone
Natural Identical (Vanilla)Vanilla FlavorNone
Natural FlavorsAdditional FlavorNone


NutrientAmount per 100g
Total sugars (g)52.6
Added sugars(g)49.9
Total Fat(g)34.5
Trans fat(g)0.17
saturated fat (g)33.8
Cholesterol (mg)0
sodium (mg)4.0


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